" October 2014 "


No Tricks or Treats for Pets this Halloween

Pet parents who want to keep their felines from turning into scaredy-cats and keep their pooches out of the pet emergency room at the witching hour should follow some keep Halloween Safety Tips.

“The number one tip is to keep your pets away from the candy,” says Dr. Julia Georgesen of Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago. “Keep the candy up high and make sure your children don’t leave Halloween bags on the floor where pets can ingest candy and chocolate.”

Chocolate in all forms, especially dark chocolate or baking chocolate is very dangerous for dogs and cats. A key ingredient of chocolate is Theo bromine, which is similar to caffeine, and causes vomiting, restlessness, heart disturbances and even death. Candies containing the artificial sweetener Xylitol are also potentially deadly.  Xylitol drops glucose levels to dangerously low levels in pets causing weakness, seizures, and death. (more…)


Your Pet Could be Suffering from Back to School Anxiety

If your pets seem depressed lately and a member of the family is back at school, it could be a case of Back to School Anxiety.

Pets, especially dogs and cats, become used to having all the family around during the summer and now that school is back in session, they can suffer bouts of stress, anxiety and periods of destructiveness.

“Pets, just like people, do really well when there’s a routine, and a change in that routine sets off anxiety and feelings of loneliness or depression,” says Dr. Julia Georgesen. In this Pets Podcast Episode (click sound file above) she says it’s important to adhere to a walking/feeding schedule and to make time to exercise pets. (more…)


National Black Dog Day is October 1st

It may sound silly but black dogs are the least adoptable pets in shelters, simply because of their color. Why is this stigma attached to them? Experts point to several factors, including a general fear of black dogs because of a perception that they look intimidating. When asked, people also say black dogs don’t photograph well, are hard to see at night, and yes, unbelievably, that they are unlucky (like black cats).

This silly and untrue stigma contributes to a very real and sad fact: black dogs are the first to be euthanized because they can’t be adopted and they’re the last to find forever homes – if they ever do. (more…)